Etiquette Tips

The Etiquette of Travel

The summer season is almost there & the count down to the much awaited holiday has started. Many of us get hassled & start panicking. Here we walk you through some tips to make your holiday an enjoyable & memorable one... Read more

The Etiquette of Planning a Wedding Through the Social Media

Non of us can deny the fact that social media has permeated our modern life & when it comes to weddings,some couples go out of their way to share it all ,while others prefer to keep it as a private affair.As mentioned in my previous article,the dos & don'ts should be always... Read more

Social Media Etiquette

In the world of cyber connection, it is rare to find an individual without a Facebook account. Facebook which was initially created to connect people wherever they may be, has taken the modern world by storm and although the privacy settings are meant to protect the users... Read more

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