Etiquette Tips

The Etiquette of Travel

The summer season is almost there & the count down to the much awaited holiday has started.

Many of us get hassled & start panicking. Here we walk you through some tips to make your holiday an enjoyable & memorable one.

1) Start by checking the weather, customs & culture of the country of destination:

Most of us make the mistake of travelling without checking the above & hence end up with over packing & carrying items which will be never used.

Cold climates calls for heavy cloths, jackets, raincoats etc while warm climates calls for linen & light fabrics, summer hats etc. On the other hand it is very essential to check the acceptable dress code in the country of destination in order to avoid any inconvenience.

2) Keep it light & simple:

Always remember that you will be doing shopping during your travel & hence your bags shouldn't be super full from the very beginning as you will end up paying for extra baggage.

Try to follow the below helpful tips:

3) Make your airport experience a fuss free one by following the below tips:

a) Check the exact terminal in advance & head to the airport 2 to 3 hours before your departure time.
b) Stand in queue & wait for your turn without overriding other passengers.
c) Have your passport, ticket or print out in addition to any loyalty card handy.
d) Proceed to the immigration desks & check points with no fuss respecting the rules & regulations.
e) Stand on the side while tidying yourself without blocking the way.
f) Stand on the correct side (mostly the right side) while walking or taking the escalators.

4) Keep stress at Bay while boarding by following the below tips:

a) Keep your boarding pass & passport handy to be checked.
b) Proceed to your correct seat & ask for any change (if needed) after boarding is completed.
c) Don't block any boarding space in order to allow fellow passengers to pass freely..
d) Place your bags above your seat & get your hand bag after the seat belt sign is switched off.
e) Advise the cabin crew of your meal & drink of choice in advance to save time & hassle.
f) Enjoy the onboard entertainment facilities instead of bothering the fellow passenger with non sense conversations.
g) Keep your mobile phone switched off till allowed to us it.

5) Relax & disembark by following the below tips:

a) Keep the seat belt on until advised otherwise.
b) Don't stand as soon as the plane lands as taxing might take some time.
c) Remove your things with care in order not to drop items on other passengers.
d) Don't over ride other passengers & wait for your turn to disembark.
e) Keep your passport handy to show it to the emigration officer.
f) Pick up your bags without disturbing other passengers.
g) Declare any goods (if need be).
h) Don't block the arrivals exist while meeting friends & family.

Congratulations! You've made it! Now enjoy your holiday & have a wonderful summer..

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