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The Etiquette of Planning a Wedding Through the Social Media

Non of us can deny the fact that social media has permeated our modern life & when it comes to weddings,some couples go out of their way to share it all ,while others prefer to keep it as a private affair.

As mentioned in my previous article,the dos & don'ts should be always taken into consideration if the couple have opted for the help of the social media specially the privacy settings ,making sure that they are reviewed from time to time to make sure that nothing is missed out during an upgrade of system which could reset their personal settings.

To maximize the benefits of using the social media without getting hurt in a way or another ,I enclose my 10 tips which if taken into consideration will save the couple lots of hassel & pain & therefore allow them to enjoy the process & the count down to the big day..

1) Start by announcing your engagment "quietly" through changing your status on Facebook from "single" to engaged.

2) After setting the wedding date, start your connection with the wedding planners,suppliers "liking" their facebook page as that will give you acess to their allbums & give you a better idea about the quality of their work,not to forget that you might benefit from special offers,discounts,insights,good deals etc..

3) Post or share what you "like" not only to provide the wedding organizers & suppliers with an idea about what you have in mind but to reach out also to your invited guests which could be helpful & resourfull.That ,if you wish to get them involved in organzing your wedding ..

4) Create a group on Facebook for all the invited guests making sure that the group's activity is kept private as you have many members who arent invited & therefore have no intention to hurt anybody..Althernativly,you can create a blog to share the information you would like to share with the invitees.

5) Remember the concept of not going overboard with the "oversharing" & hence limit the number of times of the wedding updates or announcements during the same day.

6) Although planning weddings could be stressful as you have to deal with lots of issues,however,always remember not to sound negative & never share your frustrations through the social media chanels.

7) Although the "save the date" message or email might have been sent out ,however even in this modern world,emailing a wedding invitation or sending it through the social media is considered unappropiate & impersonal & therefore should be sent through the proper chanels that is by posting it .

8) Even if you had your "wedding list" or "registery" in order & too excited to share it ,yet it is considered unappropiate to share it through the social media chanels..Save it to be mentioned later on the invtiation card itself or enclose a small card with the same regards..
However, you can still entertain questions or enquries by answeing through the inbox & not through the wall not to sound too insensitive.

9) Always remember that not all the invited guests have social media accounts or even if they do,they don't check them frequently & therefore it is esstial to pass on the nessary information through other channels such us emails.

10) Opting to involve the social media means that you have to "accept" quick postings of photos,comments,videos while the ceremony is taking place or while the party is in full speed!Be prepared not to sound rude or behave in an odd way or even allow photos taken in an unappropiate poses.

Congruagulations,you have made it!Just enjoy the whole expierence & look forward to a bright future with your partner..

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