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The correct usage of "Facebook"

In the world of cyber connection, it is rare to find an individual without a Facebook account. Facebook which was initially created to connect people wherever they may be, has taken the modern world by storm and although the privacy settings are meant to protect the users, sometimes they have done just the opposite. In many instances, many of us have unintentionally found ourselves in a comprising situation where our integrity and dignity were on the line.

What most people don't recognize about Facebook, is the personal set of rules each individual should make sure to set for themselves and follow through. Just like fashion, there are Dos & Don'ts we must strive to comply to, in order to avoid any mishaps and misconceptions that can sabotage one's social image. Briefed below are the pointers I would suggest to be useful in ensuring an efficient experience with social media:

1. Do use the "spell check" facility before you press the "send" button and in case you discover any mistakes after posting, use the "edit" option to rectify them.

2. Do transfer your personal matters/messages through the inbox rather than posting them on the "wall" as we should always remember that we have many acquaintances or colleagues who need not be exposed to such private information.

3. Do keep the way you express yourself modest and refrain from behaving or expressing your ideas in an overly emotional manner so as not to offend anyone.

4. Do comment on your friends' posts from time to time or just press the "like" button if you wish them to continue to comment on yours.

5. Do reply back on a comment or a post by your friends or at least press the "like" button until you have the time to comment back, especially in the cases of a question or enquiry.

6. Do keep the posting of photos of a single event to a minimum and choose the best photos amongst them.

7. Don't over share yourself on Facebook by reporting every single thing you do unless you are a celebrity or have attended a special occasion such as international fashion shows, weddings or important conferences and exhibitions.

8. Don't send new "add" requests to friends you have just met without sending them a note through the inbox indicating that you were happy to meet them at whatever occasion it was as people tend to forget names and it is better to give them a heads up. At this point, it is up to them to accept or decline the request.

9. Don't tag photos or tag members with the "check in" at a certain place which is mostly restaurants or leisure facilities without obtaining their prior permission in case it causes them an inconvenience.

10. Don't post photos of yourself or your friends then tag them before checking whether everybody in the photo looks proper according to their standards.

11. Don't get involved in spreading chain messages specially the ones which state thatif you don't spread them something wrong will take place as they do not have any added value.

12. Don't take on an aggressive tone while expressing your political or religious opinions as you must always remember that you have facebook members from all sorts of backgrounds.

13. Don't use the "poke" option which could be understood as childish, or could even be taken as a form of harassment. Do send a message instead expressing what you have in mind.

Happy posting & connecting to all!

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