Etiquette for all seasons

"Etiquette for all seasons" which is Balsam Al Khalil latest second book and in Arabic this time, is all about a lifestyle based on sheer manners and proper behavior. Divided into four seasons, Balsam Al Khalil takes us into a journey from beginning of the year till end passing by all the standard occasions in the year such as Etiquette of Valentine's day, mother's day, Invitations, Modern man, friendship, Summer season, Travel, Back to school, Kids, interviews, Fashion Etiquette in addition to special chapters dedicated to the brides and grooms.

In addition to all the above, Chapters were dedicated to the Etiquette in Lebanon, in the Gulf Region & in Jordan.

A must have elegant informative "Livre du table" for all.

Travel Etiquette Book

Travel Etiquette book: A Guide for the Modern Traveler, by Balsam Al Khalil.

A result of Balsam's extensive travel & eyes for details.

A perfect pocket guide for the well-heeled jet setter, filled with travel tips, ideas, dos and don'ts both for adults & children which includes advice from the moment you decide on a destination till the end of your journey ensuring safe, smooth & convenient travel at all times....

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